Sunday, October 23, 2016

That's a wrap!

It's hard to believe it, but the event is over and what a weekend it was. We had some awesome stories unfold and some pretty epic shots from the tables. We filled out all 14 spots (I know I slacked off in the last couple of weeks on the blog here and didn't get a chance to post the last 5 players to the website, but we did sell out on all 14 spots), and boy was it a good couple days of gaming.

Some of the highlights that I saw:

Watching Reynold's flagger get chased around by an angry Ogre Sauron as I imagined "Yakkity Sax" playing in the background, rather hilarious.

Watching Mike's fleabags charge into the rear of Dave Knowle's dragon, inflict a huge amount of wounds to the point where he only needed to not roll snake eyes to route him, rolled it once with a success, and then the inspiring roll came in to ruin Mike's day with the deadly snake eyes.

Just seeing Dave Skinner out to play, I swore that he had become an urban legend that only existed in the shadows of my memory. Oh and watching his Pit Fiend systematically disembowel several armies was quite fun, too.

Seeing Joe's take on Rhordian halflings was fun, I hadn't thought of doing 1/72nd scale models for the hobbits, but it seemed to work rather well.

The Awards Ceremony at the end, but we'll get to that in a minute.

The final standings for the tournament were as follows:

1. Wesley Erb with 36 BP
2. David Skinner with 35 BP
3. Dave Knowles with 35 BP
4. Mike with 25 BP
5. Shawn Fraser with 22 BP
6. Stephen Cameron with 18 BP
7. Dillon Rinehart with 17 BP
8. Joseph Hitchcock with 17 BP
9. Reynold Grover with 16 BP
10. Dan with 12 BP
11. Garrett Kirby with 11 BP
12. Jacob Harris with 8 BP
13. Benjamin Seare with 7 BP
14. Marshall Erb with 5 BP

For most of these we have pictures, which I will be dumping below for your viewing pleasure, I may highlight a couple but for the most part they are there for your viewing pleasure. Head on over to the Rexburg Mantic Gaming Group Facebook Page to see more details on your favorite pictures as that is where I will be adding specific captions to photos as times progress.

Overall this was a great event that went off with naught but the barest of hitches. The games were smooth, the camaraderie was evident, and the smiles were ever present (except in the case of a bad roll at a critical moment, but even those were laughed at later on). Every bit of feedback that I've heard from the event was that everyone had fun and they're all looking forward to the next event which we'll talk about in a later post.

My favorite part was the very end where I got to hand out the awards for the event. This was the moment where I got to share with everyone the fruits of my labors for the past 6 months and hat out all the free schwag that I had accumulated. It was fun to see everyone's excitement as they were called up to pick out something from the practically overflowing prize table. Everyone walked away with a $30 or more prize and there was a lot of good stuff to give away. But that isn't the reason that this was my favorite part.

The reason this was my favorite was because we were at the end of the event and there was nothing but smiles to be seen across the room. Everyone was happy, everyone had had a good time. Regardless of what the standings were for the event, everyone who had come out was now basking in the tired glow of a great day of having fun, which in my mind was the best indicator of success. At that point I realized that this event had served its purpose: the community is now solidified, and friendships were formed around this game that is a vessel for us to have fun with, to build stories around, and ultimately to just enjoy. I was ecstatic with how things turned out, really, I couldn't be happier and I look forward to planning the next big event for the area in the coming months and especially the next Refugees of the Olde Worlde Tournament for 2017.

Until next time, enjoy the pictures, the memories, and the free schwag my fellow gamers.


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