Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Sponsor and Our First Player Emerge!

That's right, we've just added MOM Miniaturas to our list of sponsors, they were one of our supporters last year and we look forward to having them with us once again, their miniatures are of excellent quality and at a price you can't beat. Head on over to our sponsors page and click on their name to visit their web page, or just google "MOM Miniaturas" and get your google translate on, as the site is in Spanish. You'll find an excellent selection of dwarves, barbarians, and some elves and men, too. Let them know where you heard about them if this is the first time you've visited them!

Also, we have our first confirmed and paid player! Reynold Grover is a veteran from last year who took home the Player's Choice award because he's just such a nice guy! We are happy to have him back for this year and hope he's as excited as we are for this event.

We still have lots more to reveal about the tournament and more potential sponsors that have yet to get in the final details of their patronage before we announce them, so keep an eye on the site and watch for further updates on this matter.


  1. I absolutely love my MOM miniature from last years competition! Excited for this years!

    1. Awesome! We'll be updating the Prize Support page here shortly with some pictures as well so that there will be a better idea of what all is up for grabs!