Thursday, May 18, 2017

Let it Begin! 2017 Tournament Announcement

The time has come once again to begin preparations for our next year’s tournament! Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for Refugees of the Olde Worlde 2! I am so excited about this and am looking forward to seeing it all come together and all the players that will be participating.
Last year’s event was a huge success and many thank you’s are due to so many people. Firstly, thank you to the players who, without them, there would be no point in putting on any kind of event. Second, thank you to Gamepulse for allowing us to use their store as our venue and for providing a good portion of the prize support. Lastly, we must thank our premier sponsors from last year: MOM Miniaturas, Fantasy Coin LLC, and Mantic Games for providing us with some awesome swag to send home with our players.

This year is looking to be an even bigger event than last year’s. For starters, we’ve upped the player cap to 24 (we might be able to squeeze a few more in than that, but for now that’s the limit) and I don’t think that we are going to have a problem filling those spots. The event will still be at Gamepulse, but we’ve added more tables, and have loads of new terrain for each of them (don’t worry, the Cathedral will still be there in all its glory). On top of that, we have some very exciting prizes both for our top placers as well as for our Table of the Gods raffle table and will be having a lot of cool items that could be yours, all you have to do is come to the event and play in the tournament, and it will be guaranteed that you will walk away with more than what you paid for in prize support.

Speaking of prize support, I have already contacted several miniature and terrain companies and they have agreed to sponsor our event with prizes for you, the players. I still haven’t heard back from all of our potential sponsors (and if any are reading this and would like to support this event, please feel free to contact us at and let us know of your interest!). So far the list of sponsors for this year goes as follows:

-Mierce Miniatures

-Atlantis Miniatures

-Westfalia Miniatures


-Mantic Games

There are several other companies who have expressed interest, but with whom we haven’t quite nailed everything down. All things told, we’ve already surpassed the amount of prize support that we had last year, and that number is continuing to climb. I’ll keep everyone appraised of the situation as it progresses, but there looks like there will be a plethora of prize support for this event.

Now on to the nitty gritty details. The tournament is slated for the 20-21st of October of this year at Gamepulse in Rexburg, Idaho. There will be some differences in how this tournament is run this year. For starters we will be having 5 games this year instead of the 4 we had last year. 2 games will be on Friday October 20th, starting with registration at 5 and the first game at 6, so you may need to see about leaving work an hour or two early that day. On Saturday we will have 3 games, starting with the first game at 11 and finishing up around 7 that evening or so. Instead of a mulligan game this year we will instead be dropping your lowest score of the tournament, with the first two rounds of the game being random pairings in order to establish what the lowest score is. Your lowest score will always be dropped for the purposes of determining pairings so that at the end of the tournament your total battle points will be determined by your 4 highest games. This will be explained further in your player packets which will be released later as we get closer to the actual event.

Registration for this event is $40 if paid before September 20th, and $45 if paid after that. Last year the registration fee of $35 didn’t quite cover everything that came with each player, and it was decided that we’d rather keep the prize support and swag of the event at the same standard rather than lower it to meet the cost that was presented last year. Don’t worry; you’ll get back more than you paid for even if you don’t place in any of the areas. 

Prizes will be awarded in the following areas: Player’s Choice, this is determined by the players and can be based off a combination of sports, appearance, or congeniality of the given player. Best Dressed: This is the painting award of the event and will be scored by a painting judge. Best Tactician: This is strictly based off of Battle Points, the player with the highest BP total at the end of the event will win this prize, unless that player wins the next category, then this prize will go to the next in line. Best Overall: This prize will go to the player who gets the best average of all three previous mentioned categories. Any player who receives 1st or 2nd Best Overall will then be ineligible for Best Tactician or Player’s Choice.
Prizes for first place Best Overall will be an undetermined Mega Army Box that will be decided on at a later date, along with $25 in-store credit to Gamepulse. Second place Overall will get to be the first to choose from a pool of regular Army Boxes that constitute the prizes for first place in each of the other areas. 1st Place Best Tactician will get second choice from this Army Box Pool, with 1st Place Best Dressed getting third choice, and 1st Player’s Choice getting fourth choice, each of these 1st places will also get $25 to Gamepulse. Rookie of the Year will get to choose between the last two army boxes left after this with the final box being placed on the Table of the Gods. 2nd place in any of the three areas that aren’t Best Overall will be able to choose from a pool of blister packs and prizes as well as $10 credit to Gamepulse.

This has been quite the information dump and I hope you’ll read and re-read through this to get as excited about the event as I am. I will be making regular updates here in the near future.

If you want to register, send me an email at and I will send you a Paypal transaction for the amount of registration. Or if you are in Rexburg, let me know when you will be by Gamepulse and I can maybe swing by and we can do the interaction in person (this is the preferred method in order to avoid Paypal fees), or Isaac, the shop owner, can take your fees and your information (an email address will be needed) and let me know to swing by and pick it up.

I’m super excited, in case you couldn’t tell, and I can’t wait to tell you more about the tournament as the time draws closer. Until the next post, I’ll keep working on building our Gamer’s Refuge and you all keep fighting the good fight! (Or evil, as the case may be)


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