Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prize Support Updated!

The Prize Support page has been updated with a list of all the things currently on the Table of the Gods! Head on over and check it out!

We're up to 19 confirmed prizes on the table (taking into account 2 duplicates on the list) with several more still in transit to me. When I have them in hand I'll be sure to update the list again.

This list doesn't include the schwag bag items that every player will receive nor does it include several blister packs that will be given out in a manner that is TBD throughout the tournament.

We've got lots of people who have verbally said they're getting ready to sign up! Let's see some names start sprouting up now that you can know that these prizes are legitimately here and you have photographic evidence of it all in front of you!

In a second note, please make sure to go and visit our sponsors and support them for their contributions to our hobby and the tournament scene, in particular:

MOM Miniaturas
Mierce Miniatures
Shieldwolf Miniatures

and of course:

Mantic Games

Hoping to see you all out and participating with us!

Remember that registration is $40 until September 21st, and is $45 after that.

Any questions feel free to email me refugeesoftheoldeworlde@gmail.com or if you want to register shoot me an email at the same address.

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