Monday, August 14, 2017

Scenario #2: PILLAGE

Setup: Before players roll off to determine deployment edges, each player will take turns deploying objective markers. Note that these are not loot tokens and will not be able to be picked up by units. One objective marker will be placed in the dead center of the table, then each player will alternate in placing two markers each, for a total of 5 objective markers on the board after this setup is finished. All markers must be more than 12 inches away from any other objective marker and cannot be placed in any army's deployment zone. Once all objective markers have been placed, players roll off for deployment as normal.

Game Length: 6 turns with a potential 7th or time out on both players' clocks (55 minutes each)

Victory Conditions: At the end of the game, each marker is worth 3 points for the player that claims it. A player claims a marker by having the largest combined unit strength within 3" of the marker. Unit strength stacks so long as each unit is within 3" of the marker. Unit strength is determined as follows:

Hordes: 3 Unit Strength
Regiments: 2 Unit Strength
Troops/Monsters/Heroes without the Individual special rule: 1 Unit Strength

Heroes with the Individual rule and war machines cannot contest or claim an objective marker.

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