Thursday, August 23, 2018

Paint Scores and Sponsor

We have received another supply of prize support, this time from RGD Gaming, which is an awesome supplier for all your Mantic needs, or a plethora of other tabletop gaming necessities. Here is what they've sent us for this year's Refugees of the Olde Worlde:

In particular I would recommend the paintbrushes. I won a set at Lady of the Lake this year and they are awesome. RGD Gaming carries a great supply of miniatures and hobby products that are high quality and at an excellent price, I can't recommend them enough, be sure to check them out here.

Now, onto the second part of our post and the somewhat elusive topic of Paint Scores. As we've covered in a previous post, each player will fill out their own paint score sheet during the first day of the tournament and will answer a series of questions worth a certain amount of points. Then, after the player has filled this out, a paint judge will assign their army a certain amount of additional points based off of their own personal discretion. Usually this will extend to how cool the theme of the army is, technical execution (i.e. Object Source Lighting or Non-Metallic Metals, things of that nature). All of this will be written down to tabulate the overall paint score for that player.

Therefore the player is largely responsible for their own score and can give themselves up to 25 points with the paint judge being responsible for another 15 to calculate your overall paint score (1-40 points). The player score is broken down as follows:

1. Is the whole army painted to a 3 color minimum? (1-5 points)
2. Does the army have a consistent basing scheme? (1-3 points)
3. Does the army have a consistent paint scheme? (1-3 points)
4. Are the models consistently shaded and highlighted? If so, explain how: (1-3 points)
5. Are there noticeable conversions on any of your units? Please explain any conversions: (1-5 points)
6. Does the army have a matching display board? A name placard? Is the display dynamic and themed? (1 point for each question for a total of 3 points possible)
7. Does the army theme extend beyond paint to include modeling, basing, and unit selection? If so please explain how these goals were met: (1-3 points)

The paint judge then has 15 additional points he can award to any army, but that generally focus around things like:

Advanced techniques utilized: 1-5 points
Storytelling in display (does your army look like it has a story behind it? Or is it a generic goblin/ogre/dwarf army?) 1-5 points
Overall appearance (does your army look cohesive, dynamic, or is it cool to be seen on the tabletop?) 1-4 points
Judge's choice (Only one army can receive this in the entire tournament) 1 point

So, that's the breakdown for the painting scores. The player who receives the most points will receive the coveted Best Paint Award, and all players will have their accumulated paint scores added together with their Sportsmanship and their Battle scores to calculate our Best Overall Award!

Stay tuned for the reveal of the Best Overall trophy, it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

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