Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Player Pack and Protector Talk

The player packet is up! Take a look by clicking on the link in the header or here if you're too committed to this article to scroll back up. The packet will detail how scenarios are scored and how awards will be given in the tournament. It also gives a schedule of events and answers the most frequently asked questions about the tournament in general. Please give it a look and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

One of the details that I also want to highlight is one of the additions to this year's event. That entry is the Protector of the Masses!
No, your model doesn't have to be a lizardman
Here is the entry for the Protector taken straight from the player packet:
Protector of the Masses:
As an additional portion of this year's tournament, we will be adding a required special character for each army. This model represents the leader of your refugees as they struggle to find their place in this new world. As such this character is an inspiration to all those around him, either through fear, admiration, or just a desperate need to have hope in something.

The model for this character must be an infantry model and must fit on a 20 or 25 mm base and has the following stats:

Sp - Me - Ra - De - A - Ne
6 - 3+ - n/a - 5+ - 4 - 11/13
Individual, Inspiring, Stealthy, Ensnare, CS (1), Weakness (2)
The Protector also has a Unit Strength of 1, just like a troop.
The Protector is valued at 150 points for attrition and scenario purposes if routed.

Refugees of the Olde Worlde was founded as a part of the community that switched over to Kings of War with the death of 8th edition and the "Olde Worlde" we left behind. As such, the Protectors of the Masses are those whose leadership has been imperative with helping us, the gamers, to transition from one world to another. Now you get to include those people on your tabletop for a tournament!

This is a fun opportunity to pull out a cool model that you've always wanted to use, but never had a reason to. Paint it up and bring it with you to function as your Protector. There will be bonus objectives revolving around this character throughout the weekend.

There are no restrictions on what your model is for your Protector, except that it must fit on a 20-25 mm base. It does not have to be the same race as the rest of your army, nor does it need to share the same color scheme (though that's probably a good idea for appearance scores). All that matters is that it is an infantry model that can fit on a 20-25mm base. That's it!

Lastly, I just want to stress that the timeline is quickly approaching the deadline for early registration, we're a little under 2 months away from that closing and only 3 months from the event itself! If you plan on coming, please hurry and pay your registration!

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