Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Refugees is back for October 15th-16th!

 The ebbs of the plague are dying away (we hope) and after a year of isolation and pining for real-world tabletop gaming it seems we have finally received a glimmer of hope. With a return to something resembling normalcy sometime in the future and with the return of some successfully run events in the past few months, we are tentatively excited to announce the return of the Refugees of the Olde Worlde GT!

The event will be held in Rexburg, Idaho on October 15-16th (yes those are Friday/Saturday dates).

More details will be forthcoming but at present, it will follow these settings

2200 points + a unique character to the event.

5 games, (2 on Friday and 3 on Saturday)

The lowest score from the first 4 games will not be counted

There will be awards for Best Overall, Best General, Best Paint, Player's Choice, Counter Charger, and Bloodiest General.

Entrance will be $40 if paid before September 11th, 2021, $50 if paid after that date.

The tentative player cap is 20 players at present.

****As of right now the location where the event is being planned there is no mandatory mask requirement nor will the establishment allow an enforced masking policy. There will be hand sanitizer in copious amounts available at the event and masks will be encouraged depending on CDC recommendations at the time of the event but this may be something to consider before attending. We strongly encourage receiving the vaccine for COVID-19 before attending if possible.****

Now, with the formalities out of the way, we have some pictures of some of the hardware that will be up for grabs at the tournament. We'll start with the two completed trophies.

First up is the trophy for Best Painted:

Secondly, we have the trophy for the Best General

That should do us for now! Look for future updates as we get closer to the event. Super excited to see everyone!