Friday, August 27, 2021

Housekeeping and Friendly Reminders


Here are some friendly reminders and some final housekeeping items for the tournament

There will be no masks enforced at the event. There is no way to enforce this as it is in a public space in an area that does not require masks. Therefore, if you want to wear a mask, then this is encouraged and no one will bother you about it. You will, however, be in an area where people will be around you that will not be wearing masks. Please consider your own health as to how this may impact your decision to attend or not, as that is the most important thing. Hand sanitizer will be at each table and its use will be encouraged.

This is a dry site. Unfortunately the city of Rexburg has a no open containers law and that means that unless it is on private property there are no open containers allowed within city limits. On top of that, Isaac, the store owner where we have this event, could get in some serious legal trouble if someone is caught drinking in the store, so please don’t do it. I can point out some nearby establishments where you can fill your canteen for before or after games, but at the store, please refrain. Thank you!

Halflings: A lot of people have asked if Halflings will be a useable army at the tournament. At this time I am saying no, because they are still in the playtesting phase and haven’t been released as a fully playable list, yet. Which brings me to my next point.

Clash of Kings update: We are getting close to the event and we are still unsure as to when exactly the next update will be dropped. So at this time I am making an executive decision and saying that the new updates will not be used if they are dropped before the tournament, in order to facilitate an easier tournament and so that people will not be relying on older rules and forget about the new updates. (note, this is subject to change if the update drops in the next week or so, but that’s not looking likely)

Terrain Heights: I realized that I forgot to post these in the player packet, so the following terrain heights will be added: Lakes, fields, etc = height 0 terrain, Hills = height 3, Buildings and impassable terrain = height 6, forests = Height 10. Other area terrain such as tents, rubble, etc. basically, if it has any kind of removable terrain pieces and no trees, = height 3.

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