Monday, February 20, 2023

The Battle for the Golden Isle Continues! Week 1 Reports.

 The dust has settled on the first week of the campaign and we are now faced with the results of that week.

As of yet, we haven’t had any naval battles to report, but on land, the goblin pirates of Kalip the Sneer have launched a successful assault and are currently holding the Sunken Temple on the western side of the island. Meanwhile, on the far side, the forces of Hilmar Dag have taken control of the Port City with its accompanying gold mine and other resources.

At present, the scores stand as such:

For the Port City, Hilmar Dag stands at 23 points to Kalip’s 4

For the Sunken Temple: Kalip the Sneer has 30 points to Hilmar’s 7 points

While the details of the battle at the Port City are scant, we do have more results for the fight at the Sunken Temple, where Kalip the Sneer’s Goblins took on the Eldritch forces of the temple and emerged victorious. Here is a photo of the battle:

As you can see it was an epic confrontation. In game terms, we were testing out a few possibilities for some big gribblies for the final battle and so we engineered an army of them to march against the goblin hordes we had available. It was a fun battle and the monsters devoured many goblins before being overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers.

It was a fun first week and we look forward to seeing what the next week brings! For now we’ll leave off with a picture of the map as things currently stand:

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