Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Battle for the Golden Isle Week 2!

 A couple days late and without any pictures this week, but here is the update.

The seas have become more turbulent!

In the waters outside the sunken temple a battle between Admiral Durin Stonehand and his stout dwarf fleet taking on Admiral Nathayen of the sinister Twilight Kin. In the end, it seems as though the dwarf craftsmanship was able to eke out a victory against the sneaky elves, netting 15 points for Hilmar Dag.

Afterwards, Kalip the Sneer himself took to the waters and was able to fight off some human buccaneers in that same area who had been threatening to overcome the bay outside of the temple. The very elements themself came to his aid and struck down a luckless human ship as it strayed too close to the lightning and almost erupted into flames after a single stroke from the tempest that swirled around the fight.

Back on land, there was some goblin on goblin action that ended with Kalip's loyalists emerging victorious in a bloody brawl that left green carcasses spread across the streets of the Port City.

The scores now stand with Hilmar Dag controlling the Port with his meager lead of 28 points to Kalip's 27.  

Meanwhile the battle for the temple stands with Kalip in the lead having accrued 44 points to Hilmar's 26.

The battle is heating up for this island! Stay tuned for more results! And as always, if you are interested in joining in on the campaign, send an email to and we'll get you squared away.

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