Thursday, July 28, 2016

Prize Support is up!

Hey everyone! I've just added a new page detailing all of our prize support for this event, if you're interested go on over and take a look. This is by no means comprehensive as I will be adding more stuff to it as I get things in. As it stands we are going to have a pretty good haul for everyone involved.

Until next time, Happy Gaming!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Olde Worlde is dead...

The Old Worlde is dead, its inhabitants scattered amongst the stars

In the blink of an eye everything was taken from us. Out of spite, jealousy, and vile pride our home was destroyed and cast into the abyss. None can say how many lives were snuffed out in those brief, violent moments but we know that its number does not have a name in our language.

By some twist of fate, various inhabitants were sucked into the void and spat out in some alternate plain of existence. Entire cities were swallowed in the consuming dark and given birth in the new world of Mantica peppering the abandoned places of this strange land across the Ardovikian Plain. These strange survivors were staggered to find themselves inexplicably saved from the destruction of their old home and after singing praises to whatever entity they attributed their salvation to they set about establishing themselves in their new home.

In conjunction with their arrival to the new world, great meteors began falling to the earth. Each one containing valuable Starmetal that wizards and kings sought after desperately in order to forge great artifacts and unlock secret depths of arcane power. Word began to spread of the star shower over the Ardovikian Plain and expeditions were launched to search for the priceless material.

The survivors now prepare to defend their homelands and the caches of Starmetal they have already claimed from the advancing armies that threaten their newfound homelands.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Welcome to the Refugees of the Olde Worlde Tournament!


This tournament is a labor of love and a dedication to the recently turned bygone days of yore playing in a now lost world of swords and sorcery. For those of us who grew up playing in that somewhat ridiculous world that gradually began to swing over into the grimdark towards the end it was a significant blow when that world was suddenly taken from us and a new one set down in its place that barely resembled anything at all like what we had thought of when we led our armies onto the fields of victory in basements and hobby stores across the globe.


With this sudden turn of events we found ourselves bereft of a vibrant and living game system in which to use our models that we had dedicated countless hours, and more money than we readily admit, into building. While some have suggested that we cling to the ghost of a system that stubbornly refuses to die it can be hard to form a lasting community on a game that no longer has any professional support dedicated to its further development. It is with this concept in mind that we have decided to host this tournament, in the hopes that you will take Kings of War back to your gaming clubs and groups and we can build up a lasting community here in South East Idaho that will provide the outlet for our fantasy gaming needs.


I hope you enjoy this weekend and the tournament as we’ve worked hard to bring it to life, and in the future I hope to see all of you around the gaming tables and on the battlefield.

-Ben Stoddard

Tournament Organizer