Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Call Goes Out Once More!

It is that time once more, my fabled generals, to announce the coming of Refugees of the Olde Worlde GT 2019 On October 18-19!

This year is looking to be a good one. We've already been in talks with our sponsor from last year who supplied our Best Overall trophy and we are proud to have them back on board to supply prizes this year as well, so be looking for future posts talking about Weapon Masters and the trophy(ies?) that they will be working with us to provide. Super excited about this!

Beyond that there will be a few changes to the format this year. We are still doing 5 games (2 Friday and 3 Saturday) with the lowest score of games 1-4 being dropped.

There will be trophies for 1st and 2nd Best Overall, Best General, Best Paint, and Player's Choice, as well as Counter Charger, Rookie of the Year, and Bloodiest General. The general raffle into which all players are entered is still going to be present.

Format will be as follows:
5 games at 2100 points + a 150 point character with the following stats:

Protector of the Masses (Hero Infantry):
Sp - Me - Ra - De - A - Ne
6   - 3+  - n/a - 5+ - 4  - 11/13
Individual, Inspiring, Stealthy, Ensnare, CS (1), Weakness (2)
This hero has a Unit Strength of 1

Each army will be required to bring their own model to represent this hero and must designate which model it is at the beginning of each round to their opponent. The model does not need to be the same race as the rest of their army and must fit on a 20-25 mm base.

There will be a prize for the Best Protector model that is brought to the tournament.

Games will begin Friday evening at about 5:45, players will have 65 minutes each per game (so 2 hours 10 minutes per round). Clocks are encouraged and will be provided, however they will not be enforced if both players agree to not using them. If just one of the players wants clocks then they will be implemented for that game. The set time limit of 2 hours 10 minutes per round will be firm, with no extra allotted time to play each battle.

The five scenarios we will be playing this year are the following:


We will be using all CoK 19 rules (with the exception of the inclusion of Eliminate as one of the scenarios).

Historicals will not be allowed for this tournament.

Entry is $40 if paid before September 18th, $45 if paid after that.

There is a 24 player cap at this tournament, though if we reach that then we may be able to scrounge up more table space if the need arises.

The venue is Gamepulse on 52 E Main in Rexburg, Idaho.

I'm super excited for this year and hope that it'll be the best we've had so far.

Watch this space for forthcoming details!