Friday, July 21, 2017

Scenario 1: PUSH

Here is the first of the scenarios that will be used in this tournament, one will be released every other week until the tournament is upon us! The first of these scenarios will be Push and it is described below:

Setup: Each player receives 3 Push tokens that are treated as an additional drop for the controlling player during their deployment. Each token must be deployed within the controlling player’s deployment zone and may be placed on a unit that has already been deployed, but does not necessarily have to have done so. If a player places a token on one of their units, that unit is counted as already having picked up that token before the start of the first turn. A unit that is deployed on top of a token will have to spend their first movement phase in order to pick it up. After all deployment is finished and before Vanguard Movements are accomplished, place a Golden Token in the dead center of the board.

A unit can pick up a Push or Golden Token by ending any phase while on top of the token. War Engines and Individuals cannot pick up Push or Golden Tokens, though they can prevent others from doing so by standing over the token, which prevents an enemy unit from coming into contact with it and picking it up.

Victory Conditions: If a unit carrying either a Push Token or the Golden Token was routed from shooting, they can place the token anywhere within that unit’s footprint, it can then be picked up by a unit from either side. If routed in combat then the player who routed the unit may decide how to disperse the coins amongst whatever units were involved in the combat resulting in that particular route. Meaning that if you pick up one of your opponent’s tokens and the game ends with it still in your possession and within 24 inches of your opponent’s long table edge, then it will count as another of your tokens and gain you an additional 2 points per token.

At the end of the last player turn, each player receives 2 Battle Points for every loot token in one of their unit’s possession which unit is completely within 24 inches of the enemy deployment long table edge. A unit that is holding the Golden Token and is completely within 24 inches of their opponent’s long table edge nets that player 3 Battle Points, if they are outside of 24 inches away the Golden Token only grants 1 Battle Point. The player with the most Battle Points wins the game and receives the additional 5 Battle Points for winning the objective, then you can add in attrition (which is 1 Battle Point for every complete 400 point of enemy units routed).

For example: Jeremy has all three of his Push Tokens within 24 inches of his opponent’s long table edge after the last turn is over, netting him 6 Battle Points, his opponent only has 2 within that same 24 inches but also has the Golden Token, as well, but it isn’t fully within that 24 inches needed to get him the 3 points for that, thus only gaining him a score of 5 Battle Points (2 for each token within 24 inches, and 1 for the Golden Token outside of the 24 inches, 0 for the last Push token on a unit that was outside of the 24 inches needed). Thus, Jeremy wins by one point, this gives him the 5 point bonus for winning the scenario, pushing his score up to 11. In attrition Jeremy only routed 750 points of his opponent’s army, gaining him only 1 additional Battle Point, raising his score to 12, his opponent routed 1650 points of Jeremy’s troops, which garners an additional 4 Battle points, pushing his score up to a 9.