Friday, June 30, 2017

How does scoring work in this tournament?

Scoring functions a little differently in this tournament than most others. In this tournament a hard fought, but narrow victory is not the same as tabling your opponent. We do not employ the 20-0 system, but instead scoring for battles can be broken down as such:

Each scenario is assigned 15 Battle Points (BP) for accomplishing the objectives for that scenario, broken up equally among whatever objectives there are for each individual scenario. Beyond that, each player is awarded 1 additional battle point for each 400 points of his opponent’s army that he routes, these come in all-or-nothing blocks of 400 points, so if a player routes 0-399 points of his opponent’s force, he gets 0 additional BP, 400-799 gets him 1 additional BP, 800-1199 gets 2 additional BP’s and so on. On top of that, whichever player wins the scenario gets an additional 5 Battle Points as a scenario victory bonus. So in total there are 25 total Battle Points that can be awarded per round. The only time a player will not receive any BP’s is if they are tabled completely, otherwise they are entitled to all of their Battle Points from objectives and attrition as described above.

In the case of a draw regarding scenario objectives (calculated before adding on any bonuses from routing enemy units), then no one is awarded the 5 BP scenario victory bonus. For purpose of standings in the tournament, it is asked that you record your victory points from each round (total amount of enemy points routed off the table) in order to break any final ties.

So, for example, if Brian is playing Loot and there are 3 tokens on the board, each token he claims is worth 5 Battle Points for the scenario. Brian ends the game claiming 2 of those tokens for a total of 10 BP, plus he routed 950 points of his opponent’s army, netting him an additional 2 BP. Beyond that, Brian won the scenario objectives and is awarded an additional 5 BP, bringing his total up for that scenario to 17 BP for the game. His opponent, Sarah, claimed 1 token, giving her 5 BP, plus she routed a whopping 1600 points of Brian’s army, securing her an additional 4 BP, leaving her score at 9 BP for the battle. Brian adds these 17 BP from this battle to the 14 BP he got in the previous battle for a running total of 31 BP, Sarah comes up with 21 BP from winning 12 from the previous round.

There are 5 games in this tournament, but you will only count your 3 highest scores and your game 5 score in totaling up your overall BP score, which allows you to have a bad game, or a forfeit if necessary, and still recover from it. This means that you will drop your lowest score from games 1-4 and add in your game 5 score to find your final standings. For example, Brian’s scores for rounds 1-4 went as follows: 14 BP, 17 BP, 12 BP, 10 BP, with his 5th game being a score of 9 BP. In this case Brian would drop his 10 BP score and his total for Best Tactician would be a score of 51 BP. For purposes of pairings the first two rounds will be random and then your lowest score will always be dropped after that in order to determine pairings in subsequent rounds.