2019 Players

James Rivera: One of our enterprising rookies from last year coming back to defend his title! Taking Second Best Overall with his undead in 2018, can he keep the momentum going with his ogres in 2019?

Dillon Rinehart: A veteran of Refugees, Dillon has been to every tournament hosted in the area since we switched over to Kings of War and is a stalwart participant in everything we do. We're glad to have him back and his steadfastness sides well with his choice of army. We have our first dwarven general on the field.

Jason Zmuda: Our returning Best General from last year! He's back again and looking for more blood. Will he take home the Blade of Champions this year? Only time will tell!

Mike Steele: One of the stalwarts of Refugees, Mike has been playing Kings of War for 4 years now and has taken several awards home from the tournament, including Player's Choice, Counter Charger, and Rookie of the Year. Let's see how he does this year!

Jakeloi Rudd: Part of an intrepid trio of generals from Utah, Jakeloi will be playing Ogres in the upcoming tournament!

Eric Lam: Part 2 of the trio from the south, this is Eric's first Kings of War tournament and he will be playing Undead!

Jeffrey Luo: The last of our newcomers, but certainly not least. Jeffrey will be playing Dwarves!

Anthony Zmuda: Our returning champion from last year is back to defend his crown! Will he claim a second sword and thus begin building his own miniature Iron Throne? Or will he suffer defeat at the hands of his enemies!?

Tyrel Brown: A regular at our local events, Tyrel is an excellent player to game with and we are excited to have him with us as he brings his Forces of Nature to bear!

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