2018 Players

Here we will list the confirmed players for the 2018 tournament along with (hopefully) pictures of their army and/or general:

James Rivera: A new, local player, this will be his first KoW tournament and he's still unsure as to what army he'll be bringing, but we're happy to have him playing with us!

Ben Seare: Ben has been at every Refugees of the Olde Worlde event since the first one back in 2016 and is back again for another round! We're glad to see him back!

Tyrel Brown: Returning for his second year, we're glad to have him back!

Anthony Zmuda: Coming in second place last year to his brother was just a minor setback, this time he's back for blood! Or fun, never can be too sure.

Jason Zmuda: Last year's champion is returning to defend his title! Let's see if he can hold onto it for another year!

Jared Fulcher: Always the bridesmaid and never the bride for Jared, who's been our ringer the past two years. Now's his chance to seize that bouquet and wear that veil with pride!

Mike Steele: The ever stalwart Varangur player will be returning again, his first year he took Rookie of the Year, last year he was the Counter Charger, where will he end up this year?

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