2022 Players

Shawn Polka: Returning for another year! Fresh off his Paragon winnings from Masters, even!

John Jansen: A newcomer to the tournament! All the way from Canada!

Mike Steele: A former champion looking to reclaim his throne! Will he be successful?!

Jonathan Watch: A rookie to the scene and a new local!

Nic Murray: The Reno crew keeps bolstering its numbers

Daniel Johnson: More reinforcements from Reno

Tyrel Brown: Our local friendliest face! The 3-time winner of Player's Choice, let's see if he can make it 4!

Nate Murray: Another brother duo! Last time we had one of these it spelled trouble for all the other players, will that continue with this new pair?

John Dorney: This year seems to be the invasion of the John's! John Dorney hails from the distant lands of Ohio!

Rob Allen: All the way from the frozen north of Alaska, making his return tour from last year!

Blake Robertson: The great storyteller himself returning with the rest of the Reno crew!

Dave Knowles: Our stalwart local and one of the players that's played KoW the longest in the area!

Previous Year's Champions:

2016: Dave Knowles
2017: Jason Zmuda
2018: Anthony Zmuda
2019: Mike Steele
2020: COVID...
2021: Jeremy Duvall
2022: TBD

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