2021 Players

Eldon Krosch:  All the way from Minnesota, Eldon is our first player to secure his spot for Refugees 2021!

Shawn Polka: Coming from the deserts of Nevada, we have Shawn as the first of the group from Reno to make an appearance at Refugees!

Nic Murray: Another first-timer from Reno to join us for Refugees!

James Rivera: Our first local player joins the fray!

John Douglas: Another member of the Reno invasion of Idaho!

Blake Robertson: Reno reinforcements piling in!

Mike Steele: Another local and last year's overall champion has joined the fray.

Paul Chang: The Reno invasion continues to grow!

Jeremy Duvall: The Counter Charge host and Master of the West himself!

Golden Fulcher: One of our local Pathfinders here in Idaho. Usually a Sci-Fi guy, but putting down the blaster for a sword.

Rob Allen: Another player joins the ranks! This is looking to be quite the party!

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