2023 Players

Chen-song Qin: This year's first spot goes to Chen-song from Edmonton, Canada! We look forward to the reign of our new Canadian overlords!

John Jansen: Returning for his second year from the great north and leading a host of fellow Edmontonites!

Brandon Golby: Another newcomer and the third of the Edmonton crew to sign up!

Conar Hamilton: Proprietor of Outland Hobbies and a newcomer from Boise!

Brandon Thompson: Another challenger from Edmonton joins the fray!

Jonny Wach: Our intrepid local and miniature enthusiast extraordinaire steps up to the plate!

Nic Murray: The forever bridesmaid appears! Will he break his streak of almost carrying the winner's sword home this year? Tune in to find out!

Gary Singh Dhillon: Edmonton is coming out in force this year! Gary marks the fifth challenger!

Nate Murray: The Murray brothers are arriving in full force again this year!

Blake Roberts: A return and crowd favorite from Reno!

Cam Main: The last of the Edmonton crew!

Danny Johnson: Another of Reno and a returning invader joins the fray!

Jeremy Duvall: A previous champion returns to potentially reclaim his title!

Shawn Polka: Another previous champion, the rumble continues!

Jared McClure: Coming along with his brother, the McClure brothers come to represent Portland

Ben McClure: Fresh off a recent hand injury, will it impede his performance on the tabletop?
Previous Year's Champions:

2016: Dave Knowles
2017: Jason Zmuda
2018: Anthony Zmuda
2019: Mike Steele
2020: COVID...
2021: Jeremy Duvall
2022: Shawn Polka
2023: Shawn Polka (again)

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