Monday, October 15, 2018

Achievments Unlocked and Shieldwolf Miniatures

Something that I've always striven to do is produce ancillary things for players to do as an extra bit of fun. Last year it was misfortune bingo as players were able to mark off different things that went wrong in their games until they were able to mark off Bingo on cards that were provided them, this allowed them to pick up a little something extra for their misfortune.

This year I've taken it a step further and added another layer. Instead of Bingo this year, players will have Gamer Achievements akin to those on Xbox Live or something along those lines. Players will receive points for the achievements that they unlock which they will be able to spend on different other prizes that will be available to cash in between rounds. There will be a 100, 250, and 500 point level of prizes that players will be able to choose from provided that prizes are not sold out before they redeem their points.

Here are a list of the achievements that are possible and what their worth is for those achievements:

  1. “Some like it hot.”  (25 Points)
-Have a monster kill a unit only using their breath weapon.

  1. “What’s that whistling sound?”  (25 Points)

-Kill an enemy individual hero using a single-shot war machine.

  1. “A meeting at dawn.”  (25 points, +10 points if the winning hero costs 50
or more points less than the defeated one)
-Win a duel between two heroes.

  1. “Snakes… why did it have to be snakes?”  (25 Points)
-Roll Snake Eyes on a route test where any other
number would have routed the unit.

  1. “YOU  SHALL NOT  PASS!”  (25 Points)
-Have an individual hero hold off a monster, large cavalry, or
large infantry unit for 2 full turns of combat by him or herself.

  1. “A Gentleman and a Scholar.”  (25 Points)
-Let your opponent go back and do something that they
forgot to do in a previous phase/turn of the game, such as shooting
with a unit even though you’re in the melee phase.

  1. “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.”  (25 Points)
-Kill a 200+ point unit that has no magical items on it.

  1. “Johnny Lingo had a cow, traded for an ugly wife….”  (50 Points)
-Sacrifice your most expensive unit (have it die without causing any
damage or carrying any loot or push tokens) and still win the game.

  1. “Damn Hippies!”  (50 points +10 points for every attrition point of
difference between you and your opponent)

-Win the scenario while earning less attrition points than your opponent.

  1. “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!” (50 points)
-At the end of the game, your opponent only has a single unit still on the board.

  1. “Agent 47” (50 points)
-Kill all of your opponent’s heroes (opponent must have at least one
hero in their list  to achieve this)

  1. “I’m telling Mom!”  (75 Points)
-Lose a game where neither you nor your opponent score a single
attrition point (i.e. neither of you loses more than 499 points of your army)

  1. “That’s my stapler” (75 points)
-Have a loot or push token change possession between you
and your opponent’s hands at least 3 times before ending in your
possession at the end of the game.

  1. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” (75 points)
-Have a non-flying troop or regiment (not a horde) route a
flying monster, troop, regiment, or horde in melee all by themselves.

  1. "Sole Survivor" (75 points)
-End the game with only a single unit of your army left on the table.

  1. “It came from…. Behind!” (75 points)
-Get a rear flank charge with a non-flying regiment or horde without using Surge.

  1. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”(75 points)

-Have a unit that is 125 points or less route an enemy unit worth 200+ points
all by themselves.

Player's must get their opponent's signature from the game where each achievement was unlocked for it to be valid. Players can then trade in their achievements between games or at the end of the tournament. Keep in mind that when turning in achievements that you are in fact turning in achievements and not points. So if you turn in a Sole Survivor and an Agent 47 achievements to unlock a 100 point tier reward, you are losing 125 points, and you don't get the 25 points in change back, so that's something to consider before coming up to trade in points.

This should bring some levity and alternative strategy to some games and will hopefully increase the fun factor for everybody!

Now, onto the second order of business! We've had another shipment show up from our sponsors over at Shieldwolf Miniatures! These guys produce some amazing plastic and resin kits on their website (I recommend looking at their mammoth all you Ogre players out there, friggin' beautiful). These models are great for units, they have great monsters, and are constantly growing their product line to add more things to them. On top of that they have a very unique feel to them which will give your army the extra flair that they need to stand out in your opponent's memory when it comes time for voting for preferred opponent!

This year they've been really generous with us and have sent us a box of their mountain orcs, a box of shieldmaidens, and several heroes that will be added to our roster of models you can pick up as part of your registration. Take a look!

I love these guys as they are so supportive of the tournament scene and they really do produce some awesome minis. Please go spend some of your hobby dollar with them.

You can find their website here:

Also, unfortunately, Creature Caster have stopped responding to the emails that I have sent them over the past several weeks so it looks as though they will not be one of our sponsors this year, I'm sad to say. This is too bad as they do produce some really great minis.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Once and Future Trophy...

It is finally in my hands and here for all of you to see. Behold the trophy for Best Overall in the Refugees of the Olde Worlde GT 2018:

Bask in its glory!

Our friends over at Weapon Masters were kind enough to sponsor us with a blade worthy of a champion. This thing is massive. I've included myself in the next photo for scale, and I am not a small guy by any means:

This will be an impressive wall or mantle piece to start up conversations about your hobby and how you came and slaughtered all who stood in your way of victory at Refugees of the Olde Worlde in the bitter autumn of 2018!

The sword itself is a beautiful showpiece with some great scrollwork on the blade and filigree work on the pommel and crossguard. I wouldn't recommend hitting anyone with it because lawsuits are a thing and they cost money and this sword is not rated for stage or actual combat. I'm not saying you couldn't take out some zombies with it in the case of the apocalypse but honestly this weapon is better suited to raising the property value of whatever home in which it resides simply by announcing that a champion lives there.

Did I mention that it comes with a sexy scabbard, too? No!? Well have a look:

Weapon Masters also did the engraving and customization on the blade so that you will always remember which year it was when you cleaved through your enemies with gusto and claimed the prize that was yours for the taking. Other tournament organizers should take note of this service as it is rather cost effective and is a super cool addition to your tournament, in my not so humble opinion.

I know that it's cost effective because I went ahead and purchased a smaller weapon to give out to our 2nd place overall champion. While not as large as the 1st place trophy, it's still a cool bit of memorabilia for when you recount the tales of how you almost took the championship and will give you something to hold and ponder over as you consider your revenge for next year... Have a look at the 2nd place Overall Champion blade, admittedly it's much smaller, but still pretty cool:

On one side it reads "Refugees of the Olde Worlde" and on the other it reminds you that you came in second overall in 2018, like a real knife in the back that one. But don't worry! There's always next year!

These trophies are a vast improvement over models in my opinion. Especially if those models simply go in a bin or under a desk and only gather dust! Hopefully these are inspiring to some and have driven you to decide on whether or not you want to attend to take your stab (see what I did there?) at taking home the big one!

But Ben, you ask, how can I take Best Overall? How does scoring work for this category?

So far we've discussed how to win in Paint Scores, Sportsmanship, and now let's talk a bit about Battle.

For Battle, each scenario is worth a total of 20 points broken down as follows:

- Up to 10 Battle Points for achieving scenario objectives
-5 Battle points for winning the scenario
-Up to 5 Battle points for attrition. This is scored by how many points of your opponent that you routed in the scenario using this formula.
     If you routed
      -1-499 points of your opponent, you get 1 Battle Point
      -500-999 points of your opponent, you get 2 Battle Points instead of 1
      -1000-1499 points of your opponent, you get 3 Battle Points instead of 2
      -1500-2000 points of your opponent, you get 4 Battle Points instead of 3
      -2001-2200 points of your opponent, you get 5 Battle Points instead of 4

If you table your opponent you get all 20 points for the scenario.

If somebody forfeits to you before the game ends then you will receive all 20 points for that scenario and the person who forfeited will receive 0 points for that scenario.

At Refugees you will play in 5 games (2 Friday night and 3 on Saturday) and you will drop the lowest score that you receive in games 1-4, your 5th game will always count, even if it's your lowest scoring game. So for example, if Brian scores 14 points in game 1, 12 points in game 2, 17 points in game 3, 11 points in game 4, and 10 points in game 5, he will drop his game 4 score of 11 points when deciding his Battle total, which would be 53 points. That score (53) would be what determines his standings for Best General.

Your lowest score in games 1-4 will always be dropped when deciding pairings and the first 2 rounds will be random draw opponents.

To determine your standing for Best Overall, you will combine your Battle Score, Paint Score, and Sportsmanship Score into one. The max that anyone can receive for Battle is 80 points, the best for Paint and Sportsmanship anyone can potentially gain is 40 points. If a person qualifies as either 1st or 2nd Best Overall they become ineligible for Best General, as that's just too many trophies for one arm to carry!

As always, if you have any questions about scoring for this tournament, or you want to register, shoot me an email at or leave a comment below.

And please visit Weapon Master's website, you can do so by clicking here.

Again, hope to see some of you out and looking forward to rolling some dice with you real soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Look at that Booty!

We're closing in on the end of the early registration period for our tournament and while we have a lot of expressed excitement for the tournament, we still haven't had a lot of players pay their entrance fee. We get it, life gets going and things move faster than you expect and things like this can sometimes be pushed to the back burner, so here's your egg timer going off to remind you to pay your registration before it gets burned!

After September 18th, early registration ends and the price goes up to $45. This is a friendly reminder to get on that! And if you're still on the fence about registering, take a look at our prize table for this year:

Also, keep in mind that this is not a complete pile. In the mail presently is another army box as well as some other juicy minis. On top of that we have yet to receive promised goods from Shieldwolf Miniatures, and Creature Caster, as well. So this pile is going to continue to grow. We have so many things from different manufacturers that everyone is going to walk away with well over what their cost of entry was to even be in the tournament.

Because I know you're curious, I will tell you what are in the unmarked baggies at the bottom. Starting from the left, that is a Tian Long Dragon from TitanForge miniatures (a beautiful mini, I donated this one because I accidentally purchased two and don't need a second one, but look it up, it's a sweet oriental dragon sculpt). Next is the Atlantis Miniatures Dwarves that I featured in an earlier blog. Beneath that is GERAINT NERTHOL from Mierce Miniatures (click on the link if you want to see what he looks like assembled. Did I mention that this mini is out of print? Ah, even better). Next, on top of that is a regiment of Hellhounds from Mantic, and beneath that is a regiment of Dwarven Brock Riders, also from Mantic. The single next to the brocks is an orc from Atlantis Miniatures.

There are some truly awesome swag up for grabs. If possible I plan on giving all of this away over the course of the weekend and then some. As usual there will be plenty of opportunities to satisfy your need for the plastic (or pewter) crack. I promise you that the price of entry is worth it monetarily, memorably, and enjoyably... Okay, maybe I'm trying too hard in the adjective department, sue me I'm an English teacher. But the gyst of all this is that you will have fun at Refugees if you come out, ask anyone who's been and they will verify that claim, beyond having fun you will not walk away empty handed, and possibly will walk away with some new models to spur you onto a new project for next year. Any way you look at it, it is a good idea to come out for this tournament.

A big shout out to our sponsors this year. Please take time to take a look at them on our sponsors' page. RGD Gaming is a great spot to meet all of your tabletop needs, especially if you don't have a local gaming store near you. Our other sponsors all have great, unique products that are premium for you to check out. Please, don't hesitate to visit their sites and spend your money with them.

Two last things I'd also like to throw out there. Speaking of sponsors, there is one other thing I'd like to point out. If you haven't already go and check out Easy Army, they are the unofficial sponsor of pretty much every KoW tournament in the world by providing us with FREE software to use in creating our lists for these tournaments with such simplicity and accuracy that it makes a TO's life so much easier. Please donate to help support Gregg's labor of love and help keep this site up to date.

Finally, I'll leave you with a teaser of something that's almost here and will likely be the subject of our next blog post:

With that I'll leave you, and remember to get your registration done!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Paint Scores and Sponsor

We have received another supply of prize support, this time from RGD Gaming, which is an awesome supplier for all your Mantic needs, or a plethora of other tabletop gaming necessities. Here is what they've sent us for this year's Refugees of the Olde Worlde:

In particular I would recommend the paintbrushes. I won a set at Lady of the Lake this year and they are awesome. RGD Gaming carries a great supply of miniatures and hobby products that are high quality and at an excellent price, I can't recommend them enough, be sure to check them out here.

Now, onto the second part of our post and the somewhat elusive topic of Paint Scores. As we've covered in a previous post, each player will fill out their own paint score sheet during the first day of the tournament and will answer a series of questions worth a certain amount of points. Then, after the player has filled this out, a paint judge will assign their army a certain amount of additional points based off of their own personal discretion. Usually this will extend to how cool the theme of the army is, technical execution (i.e. Object Source Lighting or Non-Metallic Metals, things of that nature). All of this will be written down to tabulate the overall paint score for that player.

Therefore the player is largely responsible for their own score and can give themselves up to 25 points with the paint judge being responsible for another 15 to calculate your overall paint score (1-40 points). The player score is broken down as follows:

1. Is the whole army painted to a 3 color minimum? (1-5 points)
2. Does the army have a consistent basing scheme? (1-3 points)
3. Does the army have a consistent paint scheme? (1-3 points)
4. Are the models consistently shaded and highlighted? If so, explain how: (1-3 points)
5. Are there noticeable conversions on any of your units? Please explain any conversions: (1-5 points)
6. Does the army have a matching display board? A name placard? Is the display dynamic and themed? (1 point for each question for a total of 3 points possible)
7. Does the army theme extend beyond paint to include modeling, basing, and unit selection? If so please explain how these goals were met: (1-3 points)

The paint judge then has 15 additional points he can award to any army, but that generally focus around things like:

Advanced techniques utilized: 1-5 points
Storytelling in display (does your army look like it has a story behind it? Or is it a generic goblin/ogre/dwarf army?) 1-5 points
Overall appearance (does your army look cohesive, dynamic, or is it cool to be seen on the tabletop?) 1-4 points
Judge's choice (Only one army can receive this in the entire tournament) 1 point

So, that's the breakdown for the painting scores. The player who receives the most points will receive the coveted Best Paint Award, and all players will have their accumulated paint scores added together with their Sportsmanship and their Battle scores to calculate our Best Overall Award!

Stay tuned for the reveal of the Best Overall trophy, it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Filling out that Trophy Case

Here we have the remainder of the trophies for Refugees with one notable exception. We don't have the  Best Overall Champion trophy... yet... that will come at a later reveal as it's cool enough to have its own post about it.

First things first! I wanna show off the trophy for the Counter Charger! I'm just super proud of how this one turned out and am looking forward to giving it away come October, have a look!

I painted this bad boy myself and I'm rather pleased with how he turned out. As a bit of trivia, Refugees of the Olde Worlde was the absolute first tournament to give a Counter Charger award, ever. Mark Zielinski suggested it when I first went on the podcast to talk about Refugees waaaay back when in 2016, and since then there have been Counter Charger Awards given out across the globe at Kings of War tournaments ever since.

Since the award is based off the Counter Charge Podcast (seriously, if you haven't heard of them, then you need to click on the link and give them a go!) and their mascot is Blaster the Goblin, I figured I would use their official model as part of the trophy for the award named in their honor.

The Counter Charger is an award given to the player who sits in the dead middle (rounded down) of the pack as far as generalship is concerned. This award is meant for the "Everyman" of this hobby, somebody who likes to play but isn't a hardcore veteran of the tournament scene. Because, let's be honest, those kinds of players make up the bulk of the player base for this wonderful hobby and they need to be celebrated, too!

As long as I run Refugees of the Olde Worlde, I will continue to have a Counter Charger Award. This event and this award are both celebrations of the community as a whole. Not just the most tactical, artistic, or gregarious ones, but everyone who makes up this great, global community of which we are part in playing this game.

Now we have the most orthodox of the awards, starting with Best General:

Best General is the player who scores the highest in Battle Points that is NOT either First or Second Best Overall Champion. My reasoning behind this is that Battle is worth the lion's share of a player's overall score, and so likely the player that wins First or Second Best Overall is already at the head of the pack with his generalship and doesn't really need another trophy to take home. However, I still wanted to honor the player whose primary focus was leading his troops into battle, and thus we have the Best General Award. This dynamic knight will watch over your trophy case, should you take him home, and guard against any posers seeking to steal your fame. He's a pretty cool statue all things considered and hopefully whoever wins him will be excited to show him off to your fellow players wherever you come from.

I will go into more detail later on Battle Points and Scenarios in later posts. For now just know that this award goes to the player who wins the most games with the most margins of victory.

Lastly, we have the award for Best Paint:

This guy lives to hold your paintbrush for you and will serve to remind you of your fantastic paint skills as you sit at your hobby table in the chilly months following the tournament.

There are two parts of the Best Paint category this year. The first is a self-evaluation of your army where you will be asked the following questions:

1. Is the ENTIRE army painted to a 3 color minimum standard?
2. Does the army have a consistent basing scheme?
3. Does the army have a consistent paint scheme?
4. Are the models consistently shaded and highlighted? If so, explain how:
5. Are there noticeable conversions on any of your units? Please explain any conversions in the space provided:
6. Does the army have a matching display board? A name placard? Is the display dynamic and themed?
7. Doe the army theme extend beyond paint to include modeling, basing, and unit selection? If so, please explain how these goals were met:

These questions will each have a different weight in your paint total. If the judge notices obvious discrepancies between what the player gave as a response and what their display shows, points will be removed as the judge sees fit up to and potentially including disqualification from the paint competition (and thus the Best Overall competition by extension). Be honest, but like the Player's Choice criteria, be kind to yourself.

After the self evaluation, the paint judge will add points at his own discretion based off technical skills in the areas of Paint, Modelling, and Overall Display, with a tie breaker for Judge's Favorite being awarded to a single army in the competition.

(A special thanks to Kris Kapsner, this is a liberal ripoff of the Lady of the Lake Paint Criteria that he used for his tournament, but it worked so well I thought I would steal it, with his permission of course)

So that's it. We've gone over the three categories: Generalship, Paint, and Sportsmanship, between this and the previous blog post. All three of these categories are averaged together (with a heavier emphasis placed on Generalship) to decide who our Overall Champion is. I'll go into more specific scoring for Paint and Battle at a later post as this one has already gone a bit long, but the general gist is that if you want to win Best Overall, you gotta do well in all three categories.

So sharpen your spurs! Perfect your palette! Gear up your gregariousness... That last one didn't work but you get the idea. This event is shaping up to be a great one, so don't miss out! Very soon I'm going to go over our prize support that every player is eligible to win! Sign up today!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Player's Choice and another Sponsor Spotlight!

This year has heralded a few changes to our regular format. One of the biggest changes is in the form of prizes. Usually in the past we have given away models for our top performers in each of the categories. This year, however, we have changed this and have decided to give out trophies instead. The reasoning behind this is that the players who are performing at the top levels in each of these categories likely already have a plethora of models and don't need new armies, but having something they can point to and say "I was the champion of this year" is something far more impressive and long lasting.

As such I'm going to start presenting the trophies for each category in various blogs and hopefully that'll get you hyped to play and win some of these awesome wares to display your prowess.

First up is the trophy for player's choice:

That's right, the lucky fellow who is voted to be Player's choice by all of you will receive their very own drinking horn, stand included. This is a fully functional drinking vessel that we hope will sit proudly on display near the winner's paint station or somewhere prominent in their home. I would recommend washing it before drinking out of it, but do so by hand as this is not dishwasher safe. I was very excited to showcase this trophy as I think it is a right good fun reward for being a good sport all around.

Remember that Player's Choice will be decided through the following method:

After each game you will answer the following 3 questions about your opponent:

1. Would you play this opponent again?
2. Was this opponent respectful towards you (i.e. they played a good, legal game and did not make you feel bad, irritated, or angry in the way they spoke to you or treated you.)
3. Was your opponent on time and did they provide a paper list for you of their army in its totality?

For each yes response given for each of these questions your opponent they will receive 1 sportsmanship point. Then at the end of the tournament you will rank your three favorite opponents, giving one opponent a gold award, one a silver, and one a bronze. For every gold award you are given by your opponents you will receive 3 sportsmanship points, for every silver 2, and for every bronze 1 additional point. Then, lastly, you can give a final nomination for player's choice which can be for any other player in the tournament besides yourself and this player will gain an additional 2 sportsmanship points. Whoever tallies up the most points at the end of the tournament will win the trophy, as chosen by the players.

We do ask players to be objective when giving out sportsmanship points. It's one thing to have a bad game because the dice weren't in your favor or your opponent simply outplayed you. It's very poor form to mark a player down because of those things. It is entirely a different matter if the player was dodgy in their movement, picked up their dice too fast for you to really see if they really did roll seven 6's to wound, or threw a tantrum when they didn't get the double 6's they needed to route your unit.

Please, be wise and generous in giving your sportsmanship points out.

Now, onto the second portion of our post: Another Sponsor Spotlight!

This time we'll be looking at the wonderful playing mat provided us by Killing Fields WarGame Battlemats. These awesome mats are made using teddy bear fur to simulate the long, flowing grasses of an open plain. They are truly beautiful and add a very cool dimension to your battlefield. Take a look:

This will be one of the tables for Refugees of the Olde Worlde this year. Originally Killing Fields sent this for last year's tournament but it didn't arrive in time, so we're making sure that they get the notoriety this year.

As you can see it offers a whole new look to your battles and is extremely dynamic. The teddy bear fur can be trimmed to your desired height if you prefer shorter grass, but the long, wavy stuff looks great on the table.

If you'd like to learn more or even order your own mat, you can check them out here. Let them know that Refugees of the Olde Worlde sent ya!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sponsor Spotlight and Swag Update

Some of our sponsor swag has been rolling in and I figured that I would give you guys a sneak peek at what we have in store for you:

For starters we have Mierce Miniatures:
Mierce has generously sent several pieces, of the which these are but a few. The prize table for the Golden Ticket is gonna be sweet this year, I promise. There is a lot of variety in the models, from barbarians and beastmen all the way up to legionnaires and wizards. Because these models are so diverse they won't be going out as a single set but we've designed a special method of distributing these bad boys out to everyone, which we'll get to in a minute.

Secondly, we have Atlantis Miniatures sending us in a box of their dwarf sculpts, and they are beautiful. I pulled one out of the bag to get a close up of the quality to share with you all. They are gorgeous miniatures:
These dwarfs will be put up for the Golden Ticket raffle at the end of the tournament. But they also sent us an orc chieftain who is quite awesome itself. All of these models are on par with Mierce as far as quality so you know they are great looking models.

Now, this brings me to our next point that I wanted to bring up. In the past everyone has received in their swag bag (or cup as last year showed) a miniature from MOM Miniaturas, sadly this year it seems as though they have decided to pass on sponsoring us but I wanted to keep that tradition alive of everyone getting a cool new single miniature. So I've decided that from several of my own pieces of miniatures (the high quality ones) that I have accumulated over the years of my involvement in this hobby, mixed with the Mierce Miniatures sponsorship and the extra orc from Atlantis, we will be allowing every player who registers to choose 1 of of these fabulous models from various reputable companies. It will not be a random miniature, but rather one of your choosing!

The way that this will work is on the day when you sign in on Friday, October 19th, as soon as you come up to me and sign in, I'll take you over to the stash where you will get to choose your free mini just for being a part of the tournament! Obviously this means that everyone will be drawing from a pool and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. People who come and help set up on that Friday morning or Thursday night will get first dibs if they are registered for the tournament. Don't worry, these will all be fantastic, high quality (and in some cases limited edition) miniatures. There will be something for everyone, I already have minis that will work in Naiad, Nightstalker, Undead, Varangur, Basilean, Elf, and any kind of human or hippie army in the books, so be ready to be spoilt for choices.

Please folks, visit our Sponsors Page and check out all of our awesome sponsors who will be helping supply prize support or terrain to make this event a success. Go and check out their pages and even if you're not coming to the tournament go and by from these guys!

As another point, we've had our first player sign up! James is a new local right here from Idaho who is just getting into the hobby and is really excited for the tournament! We're excited to have him!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The time is upon us once more!

The time has come yet again to begin plans for the next Refugees of the Olde Worlde!
This will be our third year and as it is a new year there are going to be some changes in
the works for this year’s tournament. First the basic housekeeping to get us started:

The date of the event will be October 19-20th of this year.
A full, detailed schedule will be forthcoming, but expect a similar load to last year.

Entry fee will be $40 if paid before September 18th, afterwards it rises to $45.

Present player cap is set at 24 players, but if there is a demand
we will secure the necessary table space for additional players.

The tournament will be held at Game Pulse in Rexburg Idaho as
it has been in previous years.

And, for the first change of the year, lists will be for 2200 points this year!

I will be in the process of updating the prize support page as we received product,
but as of now we have confirmed sponsorship from the following companies:

Atlantis Miniatures
Mierce Miniatures
Shieldwolf Miniatures
Creature Caster Miniatures

With several others still awaiting responses.

This year we have a few changes that we are going to be announcing.
For starters, we have custom dice for this year! Check em out!

Beyond that we are changing up how we do prizes. From now on First and
Second of each place will gain their usual $25 and $10 respectively for
their positions to Game Pulse, but instead of them receiving army boxes,
we are shifting gears and will instead be giving out some pretty sick
trophies/specific prizes that we feel will better fit a general who is standing
atop the broken bodies of his/her enemies.

The reasoning behind this shift is because, if we’re honest, the people who are winning
the top spots at the tournament are generally people who already have a plethora of
models or armies to choose from, and it seems as though this is less beneficial for them
than a sweet piece of memorabilia from the tournament will be. Also, if we’ve proven
anything in the last two years, it’s that we don’t do anything small, so these prizes will
be cool and appropriate for the winners of each category.

Stay tuned for pictures of these prizes as we receive them.
We will still be having the Golden Raffle and our Prize Table
is looking sweeter than ever with many of our previous years’
sponsors coming back and already some new ones joining the
fray, and we’re still early on in our search for sweet loot for all of
our players. The grab bag is looking cool for this year, as well,
and you should walk away with, at the very least, your cost of entry
worth of cool models and swag from the tournament!

We will be allowing first round challenges this year! If you see a name
on the registry and you really wanna make sure they get their teeth kicked
in on the first round, then you can easily challenge them. All challenges
must be made publicly and, preferably, with some splash of theatrics of one
way or another. All challenges must be subject to TO approval
(though I doubt that I will disallow any challenges) prior to official, public displays
of gauntlet throwing.

Lastly, we are making it official, putting a ring on it, staking our claim, whatever
you want to call it. This year we are officially calling this a Grand Tournament in
the Pacific Northwest Master’s circuit. We’ve been building to this over the past
two years and this year we hope to continue being one of the biggest events in
the Pacific Northwest. This will also be a cross regional qualifier for the Mountain
Region as well, so those of you from Utah and the western side of that massive region,
come on over and get your game on!

We look forward to having everyone out and are excited to get this season rolling!
If you have any questions feel free to ask them hear or email me at and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

Happy gaming, and we’ll see you in October!