Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Once and Future Trophy...

It is finally in my hands and here for all of you to see. Behold the trophy for Best Overall in the Refugees of the Olde Worlde GT 2018:

Bask in its glory!

Our friends over at Weapon Masters were kind enough to sponsor us with a blade worthy of a champion. This thing is massive. I've included myself in the next photo for scale, and I am not a small guy by any means:

This will be an impressive wall or mantle piece to start up conversations about your hobby and how you came and slaughtered all who stood in your way of victory at Refugees of the Olde Worlde in the bitter autumn of 2018!

The sword itself is a beautiful showpiece with some great scrollwork on the blade and filigree work on the pommel and crossguard. I wouldn't recommend hitting anyone with it because lawsuits are a thing and they cost money and this sword is not rated for stage or actual combat. I'm not saying you couldn't take out some zombies with it in the case of the apocalypse but honestly this weapon is better suited to raising the property value of whatever home in which it resides simply by announcing that a champion lives there.

Did I mention that it comes with a sexy scabbard, too? No!? Well have a look:

Weapon Masters also did the engraving and customization on the blade so that you will always remember which year it was when you cleaved through your enemies with gusto and claimed the prize that was yours for the taking. Other tournament organizers should take note of this service as it is rather cost effective and is a super cool addition to your tournament, in my not so humble opinion.

I know that it's cost effective because I went ahead and purchased a smaller weapon to give out to our 2nd place overall champion. While not as large as the 1st place trophy, it's still a cool bit of memorabilia for when you recount the tales of how you almost took the championship and will give you something to hold and ponder over as you consider your revenge for next year... Have a look at the 2nd place Overall Champion blade, admittedly it's much smaller, but still pretty cool:

On one side it reads "Refugees of the Olde Worlde" and on the other it reminds you that you came in second overall in 2018, like a real knife in the back that one. But don't worry! There's always next year!

These trophies are a vast improvement over models in my opinion. Especially if those models simply go in a bin or under a desk and only gather dust! Hopefully these are inspiring to some and have driven you to decide on whether or not you want to attend to take your stab (see what I did there?) at taking home the big one!

But Ben, you ask, how can I take Best Overall? How does scoring work for this category?

So far we've discussed how to win in Paint Scores, Sportsmanship, and now let's talk a bit about Battle.

For Battle, each scenario is worth a total of 20 points broken down as follows:

- Up to 10 Battle Points for achieving scenario objectives
-5 Battle points for winning the scenario
-Up to 5 Battle points for attrition. This is scored by how many points of your opponent that you routed in the scenario using this formula.
     If you routed
      -1-499 points of your opponent, you get 1 Battle Point
      -500-999 points of your opponent, you get 2 Battle Points instead of 1
      -1000-1499 points of your opponent, you get 3 Battle Points instead of 2
      -1500-2000 points of your opponent, you get 4 Battle Points instead of 3
      -2001-2200 points of your opponent, you get 5 Battle Points instead of 4

If you table your opponent you get all 20 points for the scenario.

If somebody forfeits to you before the game ends then you will receive all 20 points for that scenario and the person who forfeited will receive 0 points for that scenario.

At Refugees you will play in 5 games (2 Friday night and 3 on Saturday) and you will drop the lowest score that you receive in games 1-4, your 5th game will always count, even if it's your lowest scoring game. So for example, if Brian scores 14 points in game 1, 12 points in game 2, 17 points in game 3, 11 points in game 4, and 10 points in game 5, he will drop his game 4 score of 11 points when deciding his Battle total, which would be 53 points. That score (53) would be what determines his standings for Best General.

Your lowest score in games 1-4 will always be dropped when deciding pairings and the first 2 rounds will be random draw opponents.

To determine your standing for Best Overall, you will combine your Battle Score, Paint Score, and Sportsmanship Score into one. The max that anyone can receive for Battle is 80 points, the best for Paint and Sportsmanship anyone can potentially gain is 40 points. If a person qualifies as either 1st or 2nd Best Overall they become ineligible for Best General, as that's just too many trophies for one arm to carry!

As always, if you have any questions about scoring for this tournament, or you want to register, shoot me an email at or leave a comment below.

And please visit Weapon Master's website, you can do so by clicking here.

Again, hope to see some of you out and looking forward to rolling some dice with you real soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Look at that Booty!

We're closing in on the end of the early registration period for our tournament and while we have a lot of expressed excitement for the tournament, we still haven't had a lot of players pay their entrance fee. We get it, life gets going and things move faster than you expect and things like this can sometimes be pushed to the back burner, so here's your egg timer going off to remind you to pay your registration before it gets burned!

After September 18th, early registration ends and the price goes up to $45. This is a friendly reminder to get on that! And if you're still on the fence about registering, take a look at our prize table for this year:

Also, keep in mind that this is not a complete pile. In the mail presently is another army box as well as some other juicy minis. On top of that we have yet to receive promised goods from Shieldwolf Miniatures, and Creature Caster, as well. So this pile is going to continue to grow. We have so many things from different manufacturers that everyone is going to walk away with well over what their cost of entry was to even be in the tournament.

Because I know you're curious, I will tell you what are in the unmarked baggies at the bottom. Starting from the left, that is a Tian Long Dragon from TitanForge miniatures (a beautiful mini, I donated this one because I accidentally purchased two and don't need a second one, but look it up, it's a sweet oriental dragon sculpt). Next is the Atlantis Miniatures Dwarves that I featured in an earlier blog. Beneath that is GERAINT NERTHOL from Mierce Miniatures (click on the link if you want to see what he looks like assembled. Did I mention that this mini is out of print? Ah, even better). Next, on top of that is a regiment of Hellhounds from Mantic, and beneath that is a regiment of Dwarven Brock Riders, also from Mantic. The single next to the brocks is an orc from Atlantis Miniatures.

There are some truly awesome swag up for grabs. If possible I plan on giving all of this away over the course of the weekend and then some. As usual there will be plenty of opportunities to satisfy your need for the plastic (or pewter) crack. I promise you that the price of entry is worth it monetarily, memorably, and enjoyably... Okay, maybe I'm trying too hard in the adjective department, sue me I'm an English teacher. But the gyst of all this is that you will have fun at Refugees if you come out, ask anyone who's been and they will verify that claim, beyond having fun you will not walk away empty handed, and possibly will walk away with some new models to spur you onto a new project for next year. Any way you look at it, it is a good idea to come out for this tournament.

A big shout out to our sponsors this year. Please take time to take a look at them on our sponsors' page. RGD Gaming is a great spot to meet all of your tabletop needs, especially if you don't have a local gaming store near you. Our other sponsors all have great, unique products that are premium for you to check out. Please, don't hesitate to visit their sites and spend your money with them.

Two last things I'd also like to throw out there. Speaking of sponsors, there is one other thing I'd like to point out. If you haven't already go and check out Easy Army, they are the unofficial sponsor of pretty much every KoW tournament in the world by providing us with FREE software to use in creating our lists for these tournaments with such simplicity and accuracy that it makes a TO's life so much easier. Please donate to help support Gregg's labor of love and help keep this site up to date.

Finally, I'll leave you with a teaser of something that's almost here and will likely be the subject of our next blog post:

With that I'll leave you, and remember to get your registration done!