If you'd like to register, send us an email at and we'll initiate a Paypal interaction with you so that you can get your receipt. We'll also need your email to send you some player information such as schedules, scoring sheets, and we will also send you a questionnaire to fill out before the event so that we can get to know you and your army before the big day arrives.

Current player cap is: 15 available spots

Pre-registration is $45 and runs through the 15th of September. After that date the fee is $50.

Refunds are possible if initiated before the 18th of September, after that there are no refunds.

Any questions, email us at the address listed above and we'll happily respond.

Below you will find the schedule for the event:

Schedule is tentative and subject to change with release of Player Packet

Friday, October 14, 2022

5:00 PM -Arrive, check in armies, qualify lists, get pairings
5:45 PM -Battle 1 begins (see round descriptions for details)
7:55 PM -Battle 1 ends, turn in results of the first battle
8:05 PM - Pairings posted for Battle 2
8:15 PM - Battle 2 begins
10:25 PM -Battle 2 ends

Saturday, October 15, 2022
10:00 AM -Morning Check-in and get pairings
11:00 AM -Battle 3 begins
1:10 PM -Battle 3 ends, turn in results and break for lunch.
2:00 PM -Check in from lunch and receive new pairings
2:15 PM -Battle 4 begins
4:25 PM -Battle 4 ends
4:40 PM -Receive Pairings for Battle 5
4:50 PM -Battle 5 begins
7:00 PM -Battle 5 ends, break and have some pizza (provided)
7:30 PM -Player's Choice Forms are due to TO
8:00 PM -Awards Ceremony
8:45 PM -Tournament Finishes

Chess Clocks will be used for this tournament with a Dice-Down penalty for timing out. Each player will receive 65 minutes for their half of the game, this includes setup and deployment. This is to ensure that the tournament goes in a timely manner. If both players agree to not use clocks then their use will not be enforced, but the set limit of 2 hours 10 minutes per round will be.

After each battle, make sure you bring up the questionnaires and battle results to the TO as quickly as possible.

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