Sunday, June 17, 2018

The time is upon us once more!

The time has come yet again to begin plans for the next Refugees of the Olde Worlde!
This will be our third year and as it is a new year there are going to be some changes in
the works for this year’s tournament. First the basic housekeeping to get us started:

The date of the event will be October 19-20th of this year.
A full, detailed schedule will be forthcoming, but expect a similar load to last year.

Entry fee will be $40 if paid before September 18th, afterwards it rises to $45.

Present player cap is set at 24 players, but if there is a demand
we will secure the necessary table space for additional players.

The tournament will be held at Game Pulse in Rexburg Idaho as
it has been in previous years.

And, for the first change of the year, lists will be for 2200 points this year!

I will be in the process of updating the prize support page as we received product,
but as of now we have confirmed sponsorship from the following companies:

Atlantis Miniatures
Mierce Miniatures
Shieldwolf Miniatures
Creature Caster Miniatures

With several others still awaiting responses.

This year we have a few changes that we are going to be announcing.
For starters, we have custom dice for this year! Check em out!

Beyond that we are changing up how we do prizes. From now on First and
Second of each place will gain their usual $25 and $10 respectively for
their positions to Game Pulse, but instead of them receiving army boxes,
we are shifting gears and will instead be giving out some pretty sick
trophies/specific prizes that we feel will better fit a general who is standing
atop the broken bodies of his/her enemies.

The reasoning behind this shift is because, if we’re honest, the people who are winning
the top spots at the tournament are generally people who already have a plethora of
models or armies to choose from, and it seems as though this is less beneficial for them
than a sweet piece of memorabilia from the tournament will be. Also, if we’ve proven
anything in the last two years, it’s that we don’t do anything small, so these prizes will
be cool and appropriate for the winners of each category.

Stay tuned for pictures of these prizes as we receive them.
We will still be having the Golden Raffle and our Prize Table
is looking sweeter than ever with many of our previous years’
sponsors coming back and already some new ones joining the
fray, and we’re still early on in our search for sweet loot for all of
our players. The grab bag is looking cool for this year, as well,
and you should walk away with, at the very least, your cost of entry
worth of cool models and swag from the tournament!

We will be allowing first round challenges this year! If you see a name
on the registry and you really wanna make sure they get their teeth kicked
in on the first round, then you can easily challenge them. All challenges
must be made publicly and, preferably, with some splash of theatrics of one
way or another. All challenges must be subject to TO approval
(though I doubt that I will disallow any challenges) prior to official, public displays
of gauntlet throwing.

Lastly, we are making it official, putting a ring on it, staking our claim, whatever
you want to call it. This year we are officially calling this a Grand Tournament in
the Pacific Northwest Master’s circuit. We’ve been building to this over the past
two years and this year we hope to continue being one of the biggest events in
the Pacific Northwest. This will also be a cross regional qualifier for the Mountain
Region as well, so those of you from Utah and the western side of that massive region,
come on over and get your game on!

We look forward to having everyone out and are excited to get this season rolling!
If you have any questions feel free to ask them hear or email me at and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

Happy gaming, and we’ll see you in October!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Final Results!

Final results for the tournament are in! Best overall went to Jason Zmuda, with his brother Tony taking Second Overall.

Best General once again went to Wes Erb, with Jonathan taking second best.

Best Painted went to Tony Zmuda and Dave Knowles took second

Player's Choice was Anthony Pryor and coming in a close second was Tyrel Brown.

Rookie of the Year went to Alex Brewbaker.

The Counter Charger Award went to Mike Steele

The Bloodiest General was Marshall Erb.

Here were the Overall Standings, which were a combination of all 3 areas: Generalship, Paint, and Sportsmanship:

1Jason Zmuda with 128 Overall Points
2. Anthony Zmuda with 115 Overall Points
Anthony Pryor with 99 Overall Points
4. Wesley Erb with 98 Overall Points
Reynold Grover with 87 Overall Points
Dave Knowles with 87 Overall Points
Holy Diver with 86 Overall Points
Tyrel Brown with 70 Overall Points
9 Mike Steele with 64 Overall Points
Melinda Erb with 64 Overall Points
Alex Brewbaker with 62 Overall Points
Benjamin Seare with 59 Overall Points
13. Nik Loveland with 55 Overall Points
Murri Lund with 42 Overall Points
Dillon Rinehart with 32 Overall Points
16. Marshall Erb with 26 Overall Points
Best General Standings are as follows:
1. Jason Zmuda with 89 Battle Points
2. Tony Zmuda with 72 Battle Points
3. Wes Erb with 59 Battle Points
Holy Diver with 58 Battle Points
Reynold Grover with 51 Battle Points
Alex Brewbaker with 50 Battle Points
7. Nik Loveland with 49 Battle Points
Anthony Pryor with 48 Battle Points
9. Mike Steele with 46 Battle Points
Dave Knowles with 43 Battle Points
Tyrel Brown with 38 Battle Points
Murri Lund with 38 Battle Points
Melinda Erb with 30 Battle Points
Dillon Rinehart with 27 Battle Points
Benjamin Seare with 26 Battle Points
16. Marshall Erb with 21 Battle Points
All ties were decided by cumulative kill points in each round.
If you win Best or Second Best Overall you become ineligible for Best General.
It was a great time for everyone and I'm glad that I can call this, the second Refugees of the Olde Worlde a rousing success. There were a few hiccups this time around as there always will be, but overall I think that everyone had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone back for next year!

I will make another post here in a few days with pictures and some reflection on this year's tournament. If there is any feedback from this year, please feel free to let me know how we did.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Player Packet Posted

The Player Packet for the tournament is posted! If you have any questions feel free to email us at and we'll gladly respond!

Some key things to remember:

1. Bring a chess clock. We have a limited number on hand so if you are able to either bring a physical one or download an app onto your phone that would be immensely helpful.

2. The scenarios are all listed in the packet, and will be played in random order. Even though they have numbers associated with each scenario that does not indicate the order in which they will be played.

3. Let's have fun! This is meant to be a fun experience with a chance to meet new people and throw some dice, let's make sure that this is the focus of the upcoming weekend, and not just winning.

We're up to 13 paid players! It's getting exciting folks as we come into the home stretch. A little less than two weeks to go! Looking forward to seeing everyone out for the tournament!

Good luck and we'll see you all soon!

Check out the Player Packet either by clicking here or on the navigation bar at the top of the page!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Early Signup Ending Soon! Plus Scenario #3

The time is fast approaching that the price will go up on registration fees, so if you're interested in coming to the tournament, let's get that registration paid ASAP. We're a little under a month out from the big day! So also keep in mind that any fees paid are non-refundable after this weekend, as we've already ordered your product and are now just waiting for you to show up on the big day!

We're up to 9 players signed up, we're already looking at several more that will put us over the 14 players from last year, so this event is going to be bigger than the last one, no doubt about it. We still have 15 spots that are unpaid for and up for grabs, so if you're interested now is the time to contact me and get your spot reserved!

Beyond that, I figured I should announce the third scenario for our tournament, which will be: Eliminate.

Players will deploy as per normal scenarios, but then each player will place an Eliminate token on their three units with the largest unit strength and point value, with unit strength taking precedent. So for example, a player with three hordes of zombies and a vampire lord on a dragon would place one token on each of the hordes of zombies and none on the dragon, because each of the hordes of zombies would have a unit strength of 3, as opposed to the unit strength of 1 of the vampire on a zombie dragon. Now if there were three hordes of zombies and a horde of wights, then the wights and two hordes of zombies would each get a token (player's choice as to which one would get it), because the wights have a unit strength of 3, plus they cost more points than a horde of zombies.

Units cannot transfer their tokens to other units, nor can they drop them. These are not heavy loot tokens and so do not affect a unit's movement and they can still be hit by surge if applicable. If a unit carrying their Eliminate token is destroyed in melee, then their token is given to the player that routed that unit to keep. If a unit is killed by shooting, the Eliminate token they are carrying is destroyed and benefits no one.

An extra Pillage style token is placed in the dead center of the battlefield, this token is worth 3 Battle Points to whichever side has the highest amount of unit strength within 3" of it and the end of the last turn. This token cannot be picked up or moved by units.

Victory Conditions:
At the end of the game, each of the player's opponent's Eliminate tokens is worth 4 Battle Points (for a max of 12, your own Eliminate tokens are worthless to you) plus a potential 3 more from the center Pillage token if you control it.

If you table your opponent, you will get all 15 possible battle points, regardless if one is lost to shooting, plus the 5 points for attrition and the 5 points for winning the objective, for a total of 25 points for the round.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Scenario #2: PILLAGE

Setup: Before players roll off to determine deployment edges, each player will take turns deploying objective markers. Note that these are not loot tokens and will not be able to be picked up by units. One objective marker will be placed in the dead center of the table, then each player will alternate in placing two markers each, for a total of 5 objective markers on the board after this setup is finished. All markers must be more than 12 inches away from any other objective marker and cannot be placed in any army's deployment zone. Once all objective markers have been placed, players roll off for deployment as normal.

Game Length: 6 turns with a potential 7th or time out on both players' clocks (55 minutes each)

Victory Conditions: At the end of the game, each marker is worth 3 points for the player that claims it. A player claims a marker by having the largest combined unit strength within 3" of the marker. Unit strength stacks so long as each unit is within 3" of the marker. Unit strength is determined as follows:

Hordes: 3 Unit Strength
Regiments: 2 Unit Strength
Troops/Monsters/Heroes without the Individual special rule: 1 Unit Strength

Heroes with the Individual rule and war machines cannot contest or claim an objective marker.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prize Support Updated!

The Prize Support page has been updated with a list of all the things currently on the Table of the Gods! Head on over and check it out!

We're up to 19 confirmed prizes on the table (taking into account 2 duplicates on the list) with several more still in transit to me. When I have them in hand I'll be sure to update the list again.

This list doesn't include the schwag bag items that every player will receive nor does it include several blister packs that will be given out in a manner that is TBD throughout the tournament.

We've got lots of people who have verbally said they're getting ready to sign up! Let's see some names start sprouting up now that you can know that these prizes are legitimately here and you have photographic evidence of it all in front of you!

In a second note, please make sure to go and visit our sponsors and support them for their contributions to our hobby and the tournament scene, in particular:

MOM Miniaturas
Mierce Miniatures
Shieldwolf Miniatures

and of course:

Mantic Games

Hoping to see you all out and participating with us!

Remember that registration is $40 until September 21st, and is $45 after that.

Any questions feel free to email me or if you want to register shoot me an email at the same address.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Scenario 1: PUSH

Here is the first of the scenarios that will be used in this tournament, one will be released every other week until the tournament is upon us! The first of these scenarios will be Push and it is described below:

Setup: Each player receives 3 Push tokens that are treated as an additional drop for the controlling player during their deployment. Each token must be deployed within the controlling player’s deployment zone and may be placed on a unit that has already been deployed, but does not necessarily have to have done so. If a player places a token on one of their units, that unit is counted as already having picked up that token before the start of the first turn. A unit that is deployed on top of a token will have to spend their first movement phase in order to pick it up. After all deployment is finished and before Vanguard Movements are accomplished, place a Golden Token in the dead center of the board.

A unit can pick up a Push or Golden Token by ending any phase while on top of the token. War Engines and Individuals cannot pick up Push or Golden Tokens, though they can prevent others from doing so by standing over the token, which prevents an enemy unit from coming into contact with it and picking it up.

Victory Conditions: If a unit carrying either a Push Token or the Golden Token was routed from shooting, they can place the token anywhere within that unit’s footprint, it can then be picked up by a unit from either side. If routed in combat then the player who routed the unit may decide how to disperse the coins amongst whatever units were involved in the combat resulting in that particular route. Meaning that if you pick up one of your opponent’s tokens and the game ends with it still in your possession and within 24 inches of your opponent’s long table edge, then it will count as another of your tokens and gain you an additional 2 points per token.

At the end of the last player turn, each player receives 2 Battle Points for every loot token in one of their unit’s possession which unit is completely within 24 inches of the enemy deployment long table edge. A unit that is holding the Golden Token and is completely within 24 inches of their opponent’s long table edge nets that player 3 Battle Points, if they are outside of 24 inches away the Golden Token only grants 1 Battle Point. The player with the most Battle Points wins the game and receives the additional 5 Battle Points for winning the objective, then you can add in attrition (which is 1 Battle Point for every complete 400 point of enemy units routed).

For example: Jeremy has all three of his Push Tokens within 24 inches of his opponent’s long table edge after the last turn is over, netting him 6 Battle Points, his opponent only has 2 within that same 24 inches but also has the Golden Token, as well, but it isn’t fully within that 24 inches needed to get him the 3 points for that, thus only gaining him a score of 5 Battle Points (2 for each token within 24 inches, and 1 for the Golden Token outside of the 24 inches, 0 for the last Push token on a unit that was outside of the 24 inches needed). Thus, Jeremy wins by one point, this gives him the 5 point bonus for winning the scenario, pushing his score up to 11. In attrition Jeremy only routed 750 points of his opponent’s army, gaining him only 1 additional Battle Point, raising his score to 12, his opponent routed 1650 points of Jeremy’s troops, which garners an additional 4 Battle points, pushing his score up to a 9.