Monday, October 30, 2017

Final Results!

Final results for the tournament are in! Best overall went to Jason Zmuda, with his brother Tony taking Second Overall.

Best General once again went to Wes Erb, with Jonathan taking second best.

Best Painted went to Tony Zmuda and Dave Knowles took second

Player's Choice was Anthony Pryor and coming in a close second was Tyrel Brown.

Rookie of the Year went to Alex Brewbaker.

The Counter Charger Award went to Mike Steele

The Bloodiest General was Marshall Erb.

Here were the Overall Standings, which were a combination of all 3 areas: Generalship, Paint, and Sportsmanship:

1Jason Zmuda with 128 Overall Points
2. Anthony Zmuda with 115 Overall Points
Anthony Pryor with 99 Overall Points
4. Wesley Erb with 98 Overall Points
Reynold Grover with 87 Overall Points
Dave Knowles with 87 Overall Points
Holy Diver with 86 Overall Points
Tyrel Brown with 70 Overall Points
9 Mike Steele with 64 Overall Points
Melinda Erb with 64 Overall Points
Alex Brewbaker with 62 Overall Points
Benjamin Seare with 59 Overall Points
13. Nik Loveland with 55 Overall Points
Murri Lund with 42 Overall Points
Dillon Rinehart with 32 Overall Points
16. Marshall Erb with 26 Overall Points
Best General Standings are as follows:
1. Jason Zmuda with 89 Battle Points
2. Tony Zmuda with 72 Battle Points
3. Wes Erb with 59 Battle Points
Holy Diver with 58 Battle Points
Reynold Grover with 51 Battle Points
Alex Brewbaker with 50 Battle Points
7. Nik Loveland with 49 Battle Points
Anthony Pryor with 48 Battle Points
9. Mike Steele with 46 Battle Points
Dave Knowles with 43 Battle Points
Tyrel Brown with 38 Battle Points
Murri Lund with 38 Battle Points
Melinda Erb with 30 Battle Points
Dillon Rinehart with 27 Battle Points
Benjamin Seare with 26 Battle Points
16. Marshall Erb with 21 Battle Points
All ties were decided by cumulative kill points in each round.
If you win Best or Second Best Overall you become ineligible for Best General.
It was a great time for everyone and I'm glad that I can call this, the second Refugees of the Olde Worlde a rousing success. There were a few hiccups this time around as there always will be, but overall I think that everyone had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone back for next year!

I will make another post here in a few days with pictures and some reflection on this year's tournament. If there is any feedback from this year, please feel free to let me know how we did.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Player Packet Posted

The Player Packet for the tournament is posted! If you have any questions feel free to email us at and we'll gladly respond!

Some key things to remember:

1. Bring a chess clock. We have a limited number on hand so if you are able to either bring a physical one or download an app onto your phone that would be immensely helpful.

2. The scenarios are all listed in the packet, and will be played in random order. Even though they have numbers associated with each scenario that does not indicate the order in which they will be played.

3. Let's have fun! This is meant to be a fun experience with a chance to meet new people and throw some dice, let's make sure that this is the focus of the upcoming weekend, and not just winning.

We're up to 13 paid players! It's getting exciting folks as we come into the home stretch. A little less than two weeks to go! Looking forward to seeing everyone out for the tournament!

Good luck and we'll see you all soon!

Check out the Player Packet either by clicking here or on the navigation bar at the top of the page!