Sunday, January 28, 2024

Big Announcement and Some Changes

Refugees of the Olde Worlde is coming back for another year! However, there are some pretty big changes going to occur this time.

For starters, the dates are changing. This year the tournament will be held on June 28-29th 2024. This is still the same old Friday-Saturday schedule as the location of the venue is closed on Sundays. This brings us to the second part of the big change:

Refugees will be held at ABU Games in Boise, Idaho this year!  This is a pretty drastic change, but it was done after a lot of consideration for the size of the event and its popularity over the years. One of the biggest complaints that I have received about the tournament is how remote its location is. I get it, I have to do a lot of traveling to get to any tournament that I go to, as Rexburg is hours away from any major city or travel hub (the closest being Salt Lake City about 4 hours of driving away). 

By moving the event to Boise, it places it in the same city as a much larger and accessible airport that will make travel much, much easier and cheaper for those coming in from out of state. It also is more centrally located within the Pacific Northwest region, which is the region that Idaho falls into for Master's qualifiers even though the majority of the players who compete in Refugees generally come from the West Coast and Canada oddly enough. As such, we hope to make it more accessible for players from Washington and Oregon to be able to travel to and make this event a truly great one.

Another big consideration was to bring on Conar Hamilton to help run the event. He is a local to the Boise area and is working hard to build the scene there. We look forward to meeting all the new players and all the fun that such an event like this can entail.

Expect the same great competition, the same great prize support, trophies, and activities that you've come to expect from this tournament. After all, Boise has been ranked one of the great up-and-coming foodie cities in the nation by several travel sites, there are a lot of cool places to eat, and sites to see. So come on out to the potato state and enjoy rolling some dice!

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